Victor Di Vincenzo is no ordinary man!
Discovering him will be an adventure you will come to appreciate, identify with and enjoy.

Born January 1950 in a small, Italian village; Vic immigrated to Canada at the age of six with his parents, settling in St. Catharines, Ontario.
His artistic appetite took flight at the age of ten with a keen interest in cartooning, Growing up, the stories of his father's two older brothers, who were both self-taught artists, inspired him to draw with more definition and expression.
However, everything came to a complete halt at a peak point in his artistic journey during his college years when mastering academics took precedence over his artistic interests.
Upon graduating from college, he began a career in market retailing.  Never losing the desire to express himself in an art form, he developed an interest in sculpting.  In the quiet moments, he began to experiment in this art form while always looking for various resources in which to build up and inventory of sculptures.  Comfortable in this medium, his work generated an interest of an area gift shop.  Although still a hobby, he was able to provide his sculptures for sale until the owner retired the business.

Consumed with the tragedy of losing his wife, Victor was faced with yet another turning point in his life.  A close friend became the catalyst to turn his life around.  Victor found energy, compassion and the spirit to believe in his dream.  Together, they began a healing process.
Victor has been member of The Colour and Form Society of Canada (Est. 1952) since 2005 as an elected member.  He is also an Associate member of the Society of Canadian Artists since 2005 and a member of the Mississauga Arts Council since 2006.  Vic is a Volunteer Member of the ECC, The Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery, since 2005 as Art Gallery Co-coordinator of exhibits.

Victor prefers to work with soapstone, limestone, marble or alabaster. These have their own distinct characteristics.  Recently, he has focused on driftwood which is an endless source material with unusual shapes and textures.
“It's been a new era of exploration.”  The medium is easily worked and also makes sense to use what nature has provided.  The extraordinary shapes that are represented in the wood, create eerie effects which causes the viewer to make their own interpretations.  This medium has proven successful for sculpting as well as an award winner.
Victor is a self-taught artist, who continues traditions his uncles and ancestors instilled in him – creating works with emotionally charged themes.  The themes are also provocative and unusual.  “All of my pieces have their own complexity and are unique!” His pieces have won awards and Vic's works have been exhibited in various galleries.  He has also been commissioned by clients for private collections.

  “My goal is to create unique and thought provoking works of art into which viewers can immerse themselves and ask questions of form and theme.  I am very proud of my work.  The greatest joy to me is when someone (while observing my work) critiques it and comes to their own conclusions on the theme.  This can open up a dialogue between the artist and the observer.”